The clients’ needs are our highest priority. We are committed to developing an investment program that is based on our clients’ financial goals and objectives. At WISCO, we believe our approach of designing well-diversified, low-cost investment portfolios is the best way to produce favorable results over time. Furthermore, we help our clients understand their investment plan and financial markets.


Our Approach

Asset allocation has the most significant impact on investment results. Our approach combines modern portfolio theory with the practical lessons we have learned working in the investment industry. We focus significant efforts on the development and maintenance of asset allocation strategies that maximize return for a given level of risk.


We Emphasize

  • Understanding our clients’ financial circumstances
  • Developing portfolios that match our client’s risk tolerance
  • Minimizing costs
  • Liquid investments
  • Taking a long-term perspective
  • Exceptional service
  • Portfolio rebalancing
  • Performance monitoring and reporting

Our Values

Down-to-earth – We are not fancy or pretentious, so come as you are and be yourself. Ask any financial question. We want you to feel understood and on solid ground.

Equality – Every person deserves the right to better their financial future, not just the wealthy. Our fees are transparent – we are up front with you regarding our compensation.

Community – Be good neighbors. Offer a helping hand to others. Be good stewards. We are grateful to collaborate and we believe giving back helps build connection and community.

Education – We value education and are grateful to study the economy and stock markets everyday. At our core we believe in bettering ourselves through learning, teaching, and mentoring.

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