At Wisco we help individuals, families and businesses make smart decisions with their financial assets.


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We are a locally owned, privately held, independent advisory firm. Our advice is not influenced by a corporate parent and we are free to choose the right investment solutions for you.

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Mission Statement

Wisco Investment Management LLC prudently manages our clients’ funds. We deliver investment management services tailored to the unique circumstances of our clients while providing a level of service that is straightforward and easy to understand. We are committed to providing informed analysis in order to help our clients reach their long-term return objectives while maintaining appropriate levels of risk.


Contact us today for a free consultation to review your investments.

The Four Cornerstones of WISCO

The clients’ needs are our highest priority. We are committed to developing an investment program that is based on our clients’ financial goals and objectives. At WISCO, we believe our approach of designing well-diversified, low-cost investment portfolios is the best way to produce favorable results over time. Furthermore, we help our clients understand their investment plan and financial markets.



We are committed to developing a successful investment program that is based on our clients’ financial goals and objectives.



Our approach combines modern portfolio theory with the practical lessons we have learned working in the investment industry.



Understanding our clients’ financial circumstances and then developing portfolios that match our client’s risk tolerance.



Our Six Step Investment Process

Wisco’s Investment Process – we do 100% of this work in-house. It is not outsourced to a corporate office management team, a mutual fund company or brokerage firm to select your investment strategy with their products or recommendations. We are fiduciaries and we determine the best vehicle possible to get returns for our clients.


1. Collect & Analyze Data:

We assess your risk tolerance and plan how best to realize your financial goals utilizing Money Guide Pro. Wisco maintains a database with over 25-years of performance history for a wide variety of assets.

2. Select Asset Classes

In selecting asset classes, we consider two primary criteria: Can it improve the overall diversification of our portfolios and are we able to make a cost effective, liquid investment in the asset class?

3. Forecast Potential Returns & Risk:

While studying historical relationships between returns and risk is an important part of our investment process, this analysis is incomplete without also incorporating a view of what the prospects are for these asset classes in the future.

4. Security Selection:

We look to invest in securities that are cost effective and perform in line with an underlying index orasset type.

5.Create Customized Portfolios:

In this step, we marry our future forecasts & historical data in an optimization program.

6. Implement, Monitor & Adjust:

We rebalance our client portfolios every six months. However, we are monitoring the results and thinking about how we can improve the returns of these portfolios every day.

Smart Personalized Services

WISCO offers a full range of products and services from our Madison, Wisconsin office.


Contact us today for a free consultation to review your investments.

About Us…On Wisconsin!


What does WISCO mean…

We named our company Wisco Investment Management to pay homage to the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Applied Security Analysis Program (ASAP). In ASAP, we both worked on the “Wisco Fund” team investing real dollars in the market. This valuable experience gave us a foundation that helped us throughout our careers.


Stephen Share, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Stephen Share joined Wisco Investment Management as a Portfolio Manager in January 2013. Stephen is responsible for analyzing various investment options and overseeing the management of client accounts.

Mr. Share began working in the Investment Industry in 1996. Prior to joining Wisco, Stephen was an equity analyst at Morgan Joseph TriArtisan, where he was selected as one of the top Food Industry Analysts in the Wall Street Journal’s annual “Best on the Street” survey. Stephen has also held investment research positions at Madison Investment Advisors, Ark Asset Management and First Chicago NBD Investment Management. Stephen holds a BBA degree in Finance and an MS degree in Finance and Investments from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is a graduate of the Applied Security Analysis Program at the Wisconsin School of Business. In 1999, Stephen received his Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

Stephen is married to Melanie and enjoys sports, reading, travel and family.


Greg Schroeder

Portfolio Manager

Greg founded Wisco Investment Management in 2010 and currently serves as Portfolio Manager and Chief Compliance Officer.

Greg holds a BA degree in Economics (1990), an MS degree in Business Statistics (1993) and an MS degree in Finance, Investments and Banking (1994) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is a graduate of the Applied Security Analysis Program (ASAP) at the Wisconsin School of Business.

Mr. Schroeder spent the first ten years of his career as an investment analyst in New York City with several large brokerage and investment banking firms. Upon returning to Madison, Greg worked as a buy-side analyst with a long-short equity manager. He has worked as a financial advisor with Wisco for the last twelve years and is currently a Senior Lecturer for the Hawk Center for Investment Analysis at the Wisconsin School of Business.

Greg is married (Michelle) and has two daughters (Bailey and Brooke). He enjoys spending time with his family, outdoor activities, fitness and playing golf.

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